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Training time adolescents / adults


TUE + THU - 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. - Mornewegschule
                           Hermannstrasse 21
                           64285 Darmstadt

Capoeira Training in Darmstadt Mornewegschule
The training for adolescents and adults from 14 years of age is structured in a more structured way and focuses on the holistic teaching of Capoeira.
Capoeira Training Darmstadt Mornewegschule
Trial training
Capoeira Traning Darmstadt Orangerie
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Free trial training.

Are you interested in Capoeira? Then get to know us and try out Capoeira for you.

Training together is not only fun, it is also effective. ... people who train together feel like a group and the group helps to maintain the motivation to train.
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Capoeira Training Darmstadt Orangerie

Capoeira training program

The Capoeira training program includes teaching Capoeira (physical training), which is a mixture of fighting, dance and acrobatics.
Capoeira is accompanied by music, which determines the rhythm and harmony of the game. The Capoeira players (Capoeristas) play Capoeira in the middle of a circle, in the so-called "Roda" .
The participants who form the circle play musical instruments, sing and clap their hands. This gives the game rhythm, tactics and harmony. The improvised movements of the players in the middle of the circle can be slow or faster, depending on the rhythm of the music.

The training program is divided into practical as well as theoretical training units:

  Physical training - physical fitness, learn from simple how
even complex movements.

· Music - rhythm and tact, learn from different ones
Musical instruments (berimbau, atabaque, pandeiro, agogô, reco-reco),
making musical instruments, singing exercises.

· Cultural / Social - Info blocks: Lectures and presentations (e.g.
Videos), traditions, rituals, history of Capoeira / Brazil /
Slavery etc, Portuguese language.

· Performances / shows - the participants can use what they have learned in different ways
Present events (strengthening self-esteem).

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