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CD Mestre Samará
Cantigas de Roda

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01. Cantigas de Roda Mestre SamaraArtist Name
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01. Cantigas de Roda Mestre Samara Essa RuaArtist Name
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02. Cantigas de Roda Mestre SamaraArtist Name
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The CD Cantigas de Roda presents a unique musicality. In addition to capoeira instruments such as berimbau, pandeiro and atabaque, the songs are also accompanied by guitar and mandolin.

Good for listening and for practicing Capoeira.

Very good for those teaching children.
The songs have a very good rhythm for the development of children's lessons.

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CD Cantigas de Roda 
Mestre Samara

"We are here with the greatest joy. To unite two traditions of our culture. The cantigas de roda of our great-grandparents, grandparents, parents, ourselves and our children with capoeira music. Some of these songs fit beautifully into the context and ritual of capoeira. Let's go! Axé!!!!"

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