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CD Mestre Gajé
Viajando o mundo inteiro


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Viajando o Mundo Inteiro is the latest CD from Mestre Gajé. Recorded in Germany in 2017. In addition to new songs by Mestre Gajé, the CD contains one of his most sung songs in Capoeira "QUANDO EU CHEGO NO MERCADO MODELO" in its original version and a remix in the Reagge version and an interview with Mestre Gajé in which he told a little of his story.

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Viajando o mundo inteiro

1 - Viajando o mundo inteiro

2 - Olha a lingua do nego Nagô

3 - Preciso de ajuda

4 - Menino vendendo na feira

5 - Jogar com Mestre Gajé

6 - Laranja doce

7 - Mercado Modelo

8 - Negô tu vem de Angola

9 - Pai pescador

10 - Viajando pelo mundo

11 - Mercado Modelo (Bonus Track)

12 - Conversa 

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