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about us
The Capoeira São Salvador group has its roots in Brazil. The group was founded 21 years ago in Salvador Bahia and Sobral Ceará, founded by Marcelo Apollones known as Mestre Macaco and José Antonio Neto known as Mestre Zézo.
The Darmstadt group was founded in 2007 by Mestre Macaco. Another group came into being in Fulda. Since 2012, further groups have been set up in Eppertshausen, Groß-Umstadt, Münster, Seligenstadt and Grebin. The group as an association has existed since 2015. The association has 250 members, including 05 coaches.
Due to the direct import from Brazil, we see our group more than just as a sport, but rather as a cultural group with the aim of practicing and spreading Capoeira.
We understand Capoeira as an instrument  physical and mental expression for people regardless of their origin and character.
Both the preservation of the Capoeira traditions and their further development play an essential role. Capoeira São Salvador occupies an important place in today's capoeira world and offers both its active members and those who are enthusiastic about capoeira a point of contact.
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